During these years of activity Helis Informatica has developed a deep expertise in  designing interfaces between SAP and different external systems both by means of ALE/IDOC - BAPI/RFC technologies and Web Services.  
We use, and are able to configure the SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) component by exploiting at best its high integration abilitie. 
We are therefore able to let SAP systems communicate with:
  • Other SAP systems 
  • Any kind of Legacy systems 
  • Design systems 
  • Manual and automatic warehouses 
  • Production line machines 
  • Optical readers 
  • and others … 
    The additional use of our Helis Easy Interface© software architecture allows us to: 
  • Follow a common design methodology for technical analysis and development phases 
  • Use programmers not specifically skilled in the field of integration between systems 
  • Optimize the management of the available SAP resources managing both inbound and outbound parallelization of interfaces execution 
  • Pre and post process the messages 
  • Carry out integrity checks 
  • Automatically reprocess error messages  
  • Have a functional interfaces’ monitoring with logs in the user’s language so as to allow a simple Application management and a fast error detection, also via the WEB 
  • Generate alarms via SAP Office or via e-mail 
    Helis Easy Interface© has been used also in highly complex projects and is immediately available for installation. 
    For any information contact us by emailing to: helis@helis.it