Remote Software Factory 
The reduction of software realization and (corrective and evolutionary) maintenance costs, together with the resulting governance problems, is one of the main crucial factors for the IT area of every company. 
The quality of the services offered to the users has always been one of the main objectives of the IT managers and the need to reduce costs is often felt as a degrading element of the peculiar characteristics on which the same services are based.   
Aim of the Remote Software Factory service 
The Remote Software Factory service, offered by Helis Informatica, has the aim to help IT Managers to reduce SAP area software production, maintenance and management costs leaving service quality and efficiency characteristics unchanged. 
The service offers the customers the possibility to outsource, also partially and "on-Demand" even for single developments, software production and maintenance activities, by using a team of highly skilled and specialized SAP certified technical analysts and programmers located at Helis Informatica’s offices in Milan and Rome.  
For companies equipped with Helis Easy Interface, the service can also include some monitoring activities of the interfacing system (for SAP systems, SAP PI included) together with first and second level help desks.   
Access to the service  
The access to the service is subject to an annual fee which varies according to the expected response times. 
The service activities (analysis, developments, maintenance, tuning, test, etc.) are then calculated in “Time & Material” mode inside the acquired service level which assures times and priorities.  
Besides the above mentioned “Time & Material” interaction mode, the service also includes the possibility to take advantage of some “Fixed price” activities on the basis of existing functional specifications.  
Scope of the service  
Currently the service refers to the following SAP systems:  
-      SAP ERP 6.0 o R/3  
-      SAP PI (Process Integration) 
-      SAP BW (Business Warehouse) 
-      SAP CRM 
-      SAP EP (Enterprise Portal) 
On systems with SAP WAS, the following developments are also possible:  
-      Transactions to be used via Internet, designed by means of the Web Dynpro tool  
-      Web services and Enterprise services to allow the integration with external partners. 
Service activity 
The service accomplishes the following activities:  
-      Corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the already existing custom software 
-      Production of new software applications 
-      Tuning of already existing software  
-      Production, management, updating and filing of technical documentations  
Companies equipped with Helis Easy Interface can also request:  
-      Development of new interfacing flows and adjustment of the existing flows  
-      Helis Easy Interface customizing management  
-      Monitoring of SAP systems on which Helis Easy Interface is installed and of SAP PI system  
-      First and second level help desks  
Helis Informatica’s team is responsible for all the traditional software development and implementation phases: 
-      Technical analysis  
-      ABAP or JAVA language implementation 
-      Technical and functional test  
-      Drawing up of technical documentation  
-      Drawing up of user’s documentation  
Helis Informatica, on demand and thanks to its own senior SAP certified consultants, can also collaborate with the customer’s staff for drawing up the functional analysis of the software to be realized. This phase can be partially carried out at the customer’s office.  
The technical analysis phase can include some working days at the customer’s office so as to optimize the acquisition phase of the functional analysis and the direct comprehension of the requirements.  
Implementation and technical test phases are completely carried out at Helis Informatica’s offices. 
The functional test is carried out at the customer’s office with the participation of Helis Informatica’s technical analyst in charge of the application.